Clinic Based Programmes

  • ABA Clinic programme in 1:1 setting

All sessions in the Clinic are 1:1 (1 tutor for 1 child) and utilise procedures in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Our therapists are highly trained and are required to attend professional development workshops throughout the year. We employ therapists who are experienced in Applied Behaviour Analysis programmes, RBT (Registered Behaviour Technician) certified (or undergoing certification) and are completing their required clinical supervision hours. All sessions are overseen by a qualified ABA Consultant on-site and weekly supervision feedback is given to each therapist.

clinic based autism group therapy

The 1:1 therapist will collect data on both skill acquisition and behaviour reduction programmes.  All data is thoroughly analysed and updated on a weekly basis by the ABA Consultant. There are more than 1 tutors dedicated in the child’s programme, so that generalization can be achieved.

All Clinic programmes are inclusive, meaning that we provide all the associated staff (BCBA - Applied Behaviour Analysts, Programme supervisors and therapists, as well as Speech and Language therapists and Occupational Therapists) needed for a targeted and fully controlled treatment in order for the child to be taught more consistently all the essential skills, such as communication, play skills, social interaction skills, self-help skills, academic skills etc.

The programme is designed especially for the child’s needs taking under consideration his strengths and weaknesses as well as the family’s individual needs. Blooming Tree ABA Clinic uses techniques derived from Applied Behaviour Analysis research such as

  • Verbal Behaviour (VB),
  • Functional Communication Training (FCT),
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT),
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment

 This service includes:

  • A highly experienced ABA Consultant/Behaviour Analyst who assess, develops and oversees the child progress’s programme
  • At least 2 tutors who are responsible for the daily implementation of the programme. The tutors are all highly trained, however further training will be also provided, in order for them to be able to adapt their experience and knowledge to individual children’s therapy for better results.
  • Baseline assessment and on-going assessments (using well researched tools like VB-Mapp, ABBLS-R, AFLS, ESDM, RFT) to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the child and to ensure steady progress.
  • Intensive 1 to 1 therapy, at Blooming Tree clinic.
  • Parents training in ABA techniques, to ensure consistency and transferability of skills within the natural environment
  • By-weekly sessions with a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) and an Occupational Therapist (OT) whose recommendations will be implemented within the ABA programme to develop an even more comprehensive curriculum.
The clinic based programme is available as
  • Full-time programme - 35 hours/week in clinic
  • Half-time programme - 15 hours/week in clinic